5 Great Ways To Use Vinyl Banners For Your Automotive Repair Business

Knowing how to use a vinyl banner to the benefit of your automotive repair shop will help build awareness and, ultimately, new business for your shop. It’s important to think about what your repair shop has to offer and how a large vinyl banner could help grab attention, increase new customers, and improve current customer retention.The bold design and vibrant colors of a well-designed advertising banner are great for making an impact, and a strong message can be enough to build trust with new service customers. Here are some of the most-effective uses for vinyl banners for your automotive repair business.Listing SpecialtiesIdentifying your automotive specialties builds confidence in your training and service. Hang a vinyl banner to help build your competitive edge and specifically-list your specialty training in imports, transmission repair, brakes, etc. Customers are more-comfortable knowing their car is being serviced by an experienced professional who is a confident authority on their specific repairs.Customer Loyalty ProgramsAdvertise your customer appreciation cards, returning customer programs, service cards and any other special incentive programs that you offer to customers. An advertising banner that shows your customer appreciation will encourage return customers and develop a dedicated customer base. Place your custom banner in the waiting room so customers will be motivated to sign up for your customer loyalty programs while they wait.Special OffersAs your part suppliers and distributors offer promotions, take advantage of this time to advertise special offers to your customers using a vinyl banner. Place an outdoor banner across your repair shop to announce the promotion, or hang an indoor banner over the parts section to help direct customers to the short-term deals. Always make sure to include a deadline which motivates customers to purchase.ServicesIf you run a full-service repair shop, make sure current and potential customers know everything your shop provides. Hang a vinyl banner over your shop entrance or in your lobby. This will help your service representatives market your capabilities and lets customers know up-front everything that your shop can perform.Promoting EventsIf your service shop specializes in classic restoration, or if your employees have other specific interests, use this as an opportunity to participate in local events. Showing off your custom abilities and getting involved in the local community is a great way to market your shop. Don’t forget to order a vinyl banner which shows your business as the event sponsor or announces who is responsible for the restoration.